Thursday, October 30, 2014

Driftwood shelf w/ bonus Printable

I am a driftwood fanatic. I like to gather my driftwood up in bundles and wrap it with ribbon and set it out for it's beauty. Weird right? Thank god my boyfriend gets me.

The picture below is of two real pieces of driftwood.

I can't believe I found these two pieces of driftwood on the same day. It's as if they were meant to be together and for me to give them a new life.

Beach hunting at Jones Beach, Long Island, NY in the spring, I found this gnarly piece of driftwood and I found this old shelf from a boat washed ashore, waiting, I believe, for me to find them.

We had to cut the gnarly piece of wood at one end to give it a flush side to help attach the shelf to the gnarly piece. We just screwed them together and it was done. This shelf even has some rusty nail heads across the top which lend to the character of the piece. I know my rusty's get it.

Now they decorate my bedroom at the beach in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Stay tuned. We plan on bringing you more driftwood crafts and ideas.

FYI...That is a dollar store wood frame painted aqua and sanded to look distressed. Inside was designed to look like a chalkboard image. The image was printed on traditional copy paper and inserted into the frame. DONE. Beach adorable. Beach shabby.
Enjoy this image as a Free Gift from Coastal Bohemian 
Thanks for reading. 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I want a Trident

and I deserve one

   Just before Halloween I decided that my boyfriend and I needed a cool couples costume. Of course, it should be related in some way to the beach or fishing or the coast or living like a coastal bohemian. (We were sushi rolls one year with life size chopsticks. We should have won that costume contest.)
I get to thinking that I would love to be a mermaid with long flowing hair and that he should be Neptune with his long beard and mighty trident. We changed our mind about the direction of the costumes. The trident however, is at this point, something I had been thinking about creating for him to be a very special part of the costume.
 A few days later I was going through books that had been packed away since Hurricane Sandy and came across this book from when my daughter was young, "Notes to the Fairy" by Emma L Nilden and Lisa Finneran Nilden.
That's when I came across this darling illustration with these empowering words. "I'd like a trident"
I knew I had to share this with everyone. I mean, it changes the world for me. Why can't a woman have a trident? I have long associated this with male figures, Neptune and Poseidon with their powerful tool/weapon of the sea. To think ...with dreamy eyes looking toward the heavens, that I   could    have    a   trident..... is perfect. Especially for this Coastal Bohemian.
Upon further investigation *I can see why it is necessary for me to have a trident. It has long been a symbol of the ocean. My muse.
I bring to you.... the images** that I found to  inspire the trident, the power,  in me. Tattoo? 

**Totally bad ass.
Totally perfect.
Totally needs accessories.

As the tide rolls out, I believe there is a trident in  my future , albeit not as masculine as Neptune's. I see hanging pearls and a seahell encrusted staff with some serious bling baby and a powerful chic behind it.

Michele Michael
*"The trident has long served as a symbol for the ocean, and for the oceanic gods. This comes from its initial use as a fishing tool. The trident is far superior to a spear for fishing. The three separate blades give the fisherman a much better chance of skewering a fish than a normal spear ever could. The trident has kept its water association even though centuries have passed since it was used in this manner." According to Sara on Yahoo Answers
** Pics Found on

Are you a Coastal Bohemian

You may be wondering what is Coastal Bohemian? Well think no more , because you are off track. It's more precisely, who is a Coastal Bohemian?

You may be a Coastal Bohemian if you....
  • have sand in your toes more often than not. 
  • constantly travel the shores in search of hidden spots to luxuriate in the quiet ,calm of the sea. 
  • love a warm, crackling ,driftwood beach fire. 
  • keep a fishing pole in your car/truck/boat. 
  • sleep in a hammock. 
  • believe in mermaids. 
  • surf, jet ski,sail,paddle board or kayak. 
  • keep a display of your favorite sea treasures. 
  • are comfortable with sand in your cheeks , not the ones on your face. 
  • know what it means to go "shelling". 
  • vacation only where you can see salt water. 
  • clam bake on the shore. 
  • sport fish around the world. 
  • are part hippie, a bit eccentric,an adventurer, daring,creative,unique, off beat, a non conformist, an artist, exotic ,wild , offbeat (did I say that twice?(Hmmm) and may be with some Gypsy blood running through your salt water veins. 

There is so much more that could define us, you We welcome your suggestions and we will be sure and get you quoted here.
Send us your definition of a Coastal Bohemian.

Happy shore day.
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