Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Upcycled heart decor.

My bf brought home a supply of corks he had picked up from a garage sale. It's actually really cute because he figures I'll get around to making something with it. He has faith in his challenging me.
I had them around the studio for about three months before I dumped them on the work table ready to challenge my brain  . My mushy side started to make a heart or maybe my love of wine was shining through.

 I decoupaged  an old scrap of wallpaper.

Then decoupage some old sheet music.

It's a fairly large piece at about 8" L x 5" W and would make a sizable gift . I'm imaging a wreath for the holidays or a christmas tree made to coordinate with your presents or to coordinate with your existing home decor wallpaper. 

Just a silly Bohemian playing with her supplies.
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Coastal Bohemian 

Friday, October 23, 2015

A Coastal Bohemian drawn to Jetty Park- Fort Pierce, Florida

On a road trip to visit my friend in Florida who lives near an island I wanted to explore a little more called Hutchinson Island, I happened upon Jetty Park at Hutchinson Island , which is  a long strip of barrier beach  across from Fort Pierce and Port St Lucie , FL. and I came into it at the Fort Pierce end of the island.
As you come over the bridge onto the island , there is a slender strip of white rocky beach where all the locals are out and about enjoying the sun and the pretty blue water of the bay. As you move along the island you move toward the inlet where I came to know Jetty Park. named this because of the jetties at the inlet.

This park was set with various gazebos  and outdoor swings for couples, people were fishing and kite boarding , the waves were roaring and everything about this park was a big sunny welcome to Florida .Across the parking lot was a small group of stores... maybe three and an outdoor bar and restaurant on the ocean. It looked like a quiet spot to take a relaxing drink and enjoy the day. It was a bright and breezy day and the perfect setting for stealing away a while.

What was most remarkable to me was the mosaics in the park. Every bench was a mosaic work of art and each one was a variety of local fish. There must have been 15 or so benches in the park that this artist had designed.


I highly recommend a stop at Jetty Park when you are in the area . Visiting the mosaics outdoors is like being in an outdoor gallery with lovely sea salt kissed breezes. Who can resist that.
Michele- your friendly, neighborhood, Coastal Bohemian.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

French themed convertible desk/dressing table with draws

Back in the spring I came home to NY and decided to work on a piece of furniture. Interesting that even when I get away ,I still am drawn to the fresh canvas of old furniture, that  blank palette to imagine a new  up-cycled treasure.

And so when my daughter decided to throw away an old dresser/changing table, I got to workin'.

This was actually an old changing table that had the height of a piece that made me think of  bar stools and so I see it as a work desk first but maybe even a vanity with a high stool and a mirror above.
Either way I'm happy with the results.

The piece started out with a black base from my daughter, the goth queen. I used the only paint I had around the house...because you know I didn't plan this and I couldn't wait to get to painting.

After I added the blush to the top and sanded it down to get my shabby on, I still was NOT happy with the look.

I had recently been playing around with some new downloads of french letters that I had downloaded at www.graphicsfairy.com and decided I was going french on this.

The results I love and the decoupage is stunningly engaging. I go all soft inside when I open up the top to reveal all the interconnected pics.

In the end I donated the piece to someone who just just moved her family to a new home, This went to her daughter's room.

Thanks for taking a look . Keep on painting.

 I know this is blurry but I was really struggling to get a shot here . Just wated to show you the way it opened.

Michele Michael 

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