Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Are you a Coastal Bohemian

You may be wondering what is Coastal Bohemian? Well think no more , because you are off track. It's more precisely, who is a Coastal Bohemian?

You may be a Coastal Bohemian if you....
  • have sand in your toes more often than not. 
  • constantly travel the shores in search of hidden spots to luxuriate in the quiet ,calm of the sea. 
  • love a warm, crackling ,driftwood beach fire. 
  • keep a fishing pole in your car/truck/boat. 
  • sleep in a hammock. 
  • believe in mermaids. 
  • surf, jet ski,sail,paddle board or kayak. 
  • keep a display of your favorite sea treasures. 
  • are comfortable with sand in your cheeks , not the ones on your face. 
  • know what it means to go "shelling". 
  • vacation only where you can see salt water. 
  • clam bake on the shore. 
  • sport fish around the world. 
  • are part hippie, a bit eccentric,an adventurer, daring,creative,unique, off beat, a non conformist, an artist, exotic ,wild , offbeat (did I say that twice?(Hmmm) and may be with some Gypsy blood running through your salt water veins. 

There is so much more that could define us, you We welcome your suggestions and we will be sure and get you quoted here.
Send us your definition of a Coastal Bohemian.

Happy shore day.

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