Monday, November 16, 2015

Mosaic Mirrored Cottage Table Upcycle

Someone threw out the bamboo base for this little cottage table. It must have had a glass top at one time. I knew we would become something together. :)

Together with the base and four of these squares, I recreated a new table .(I had found these squares in a storage unit auction that my son had bought and they were sitting around waiting to be helpful.)
Now back about a month or so ago I had read a blog by Joy Maier and it inspried me to get out my broken glass that I had specifically put aside for a mosaic. Joy had finished a dresser with  mosaic mirrored front draws. Suddenly I knew what my new project was to be. Thx +Joy Maier 
Link to Joy's Blog below The Aspiring Home



Paint, mirror , grout ,wax done!
Thx for stopping in to check out what I have been up to at CB 
Michele Michael

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