Sunday, February 16, 2020

Using my Stash- Paper Feathers

I love the way these feathers turned out. I hope you'll enjoy the process.Using some oaktag or poster board, I started out cutting feathers using my cricut.
I found this file on Pinterest. I searched the internet for 30 minutes trying to find the board or link to this person but to no avail. Please use this for your personal use only or search Pinterest for an svg feather file .

Next I created a watery version of acrylic paint and dipped my feathers into the paints. When one color dries you can dip into another adding layers of color. or you can allow the colors to blend into one another. You can also use a brush to dab some color here and there. Adding gold and copper  gave these feathers some shimmer.

Look how really pretty these look.

Next, I laid a stencil on top of the feathers and using the Archival Ink in black, I added a textural look.

To finish these off, I took a tiny brush and painted on some veining.

You can use these to embellish many things including using these in your art journaling and artist trading cards.

See here I used one for a decorative box

Thanks for playing along . 
Don't forget to leave me a comment below and ask questions or tell me what you think.

With love and gratitude,


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  1. Oh, those are absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Your feathers are beautiful! The stamping really adds dimension ~ I like learning the extras that make a difference. Pinning! I'm visiting from Craftastic Monday.

  3. I love the things you did with your feathers, must try it with some of my collection.

  4. This is such a unique project! The feathers are beautiful!!

  5. These are stunning! It's funny because I thought they were finished at every stage but you kept adding more and they got better and better!

  6. very cool... love all the colors that you used
    come see us at

  7. How pretty and colorful! Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 9 where I share on social media if share option is available, open February 1 to 26. My themed party 11 for Handcrafted Jewelry is open February 15 to 25 if you have any appropriate posts.

  8. Beautiful coloring! Such a great idea and thank you so much for sharing.

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