Thursday, April 8, 2021

Funtastic Friday #327

Welcome to FUNTASTIC FRIDAY LINK PARTY 327!  Glad to have you here.


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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Funtastic Friday #326

Welcome to Funtastic Friday!

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Squid Towel Holder

Meet the newest edition to our condo. We had a towel holder outside for hanging wet bathing suits and towels. We were never really happy with it and had been looking for something beachy or fishy to replace the one that was there. 

Being the creative , I decide that we needed to consider something that we make, instead of buying a premade piece. I knew that it had to be a substantial piece to get Jason involved. I suggested we head over to Defrance Flea Market knowing they had lots of artisan carved fish, sharks and more.
That's when we found grumpy, the squid.  Jason is a fisherman and squid are one of his favorite sea creatures, but this guy was a little too cartoonist. Right? Not really our style. But wait. "I can paint it." 

He's big at 46" wide. Substantial....wink wink. We purchased Grumpy for $104 on sale from $179.00. I'm guessing he was too right for most people.

First, I tried  a white washed coat. Not enough. I am convinced that the eyeball needs to be painted black with a ring of white so I get that started.
And a heavier coat of white. A dot of black paint into the white paint and I can start a few shadows of grey.
Now on to  the backboard. 
I knew I wanted a very weathered looking board. I had a piece of plywood that was cut to the perfect size. Ding ding ding. Win. 
It was going to have to be a pretty dark background to make this squid pop.
The backboard gets a full coat of dark grey chalk paint.  After that dries , I coat the board with a generous coat of elmer's white glue.This will give my next coat the crackle effect. Then I mixed up a tan acrylic paint with some kosher salt to create a salt wash.  The salt wash gets applied by stippling in random areas. That dries. Now a coat of white chalk paint. And there is my crackle. 
 After the white crackle coat dries I give the board a heavy sand with 80 grit and my rotary sander. You can see the big patches of tan where the salt wash was added. When sanded it helps bring the entire distress look together. 
 Finally, a coat of Fiddess and Sons Jacobean wax. It's very dark and exactly what this piece needs.

Yes,  the dark grey has some blue in it.
Let's see how this will look.
It works. It all works and that board. It looks like I found the board that way. It also has so many layers that you would never know it was plywood.

Did I mention we picked up some oil rubbed bronze hooks at Hobby Lobby. Hello perfection. 
Here it is mounted.
Grumpy squid is looking much better.
I hope this helps to get your creative juices flowing. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. I love knowing my people are out there.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Elaborate Easter Eggs

Well this was fun. Look at the size of this egg. If I had my studio set up I would have made more of these sparkly girls. I am currently working in a one bedroom  condo with a take over of the kitchen table. Lol.
I used molded air dry paper clay,  seed beads and big glitter flakes for this one but I also used saw dust on the golden egg. I just painted the saw dust gold. It added so much depth and richness. These will become keepsakes for sure.
First , I picked up a few of these large fillable eggs at the Dollar Tree.
Next , I glued the sides with wood glue and added some blue tape for extra protection.
After a quick coat of paint , I used my air dry paper clay and molds to create the raised embellishments. These molds are from Iron Orchids and the clay is by Sax. If you decide to try these molds and clay , you need to know that it's important to dust the molds with cornstarch prior to molding . And that's each time you mold the clay. The cornstarch helps to release the clay from the mold.
 Btw, Chalk paint is best but I did use a latex on these.
Using a wooden skewer,  I  spread  Gorilla wood glue onto the backs of my molds and adhere them to my painted egg.
See why the latex is not great. A quick coat of chalk paint makes everything right. Now my clay will take on my  diy gilding wax.
Here , I'm mixing up a blend of mica powders and extra virgin coconut oil to create a rose gold wax for the embellishments. This is easily applied with a small paint brush.
Isn't this good looking? I'm in love!!!!! In a bowl I mixed the beads and large flake glitter. Next, I apply mod podge and sprinkle with beads and allow it to dry.Time consuming but worth it .
And then this happened too. 

For my other egg....
Now it's a bit of mod podge  and sawdust for this girl.
I used the ring of tape to keep the egg upright while it dried. I did do this in patches and when it dried went on to fill in around the egg. It's time consuming but well worth the time spent , especially if you plan on pulling these pretty babies out each year for Easter and Spring. Side note, these would make nice dinosaur eggs or dragon eggs. They are probably 10" long.

Add a coat of gold paint.
I love this trim and it was the perfect addition to this golden egg.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring. I hope you enjoyed reading along. 

Would you enjoy one of these as a gift? I've made this rose gold one for my mother in law. I hope she likes it .

With love and gratitude,


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