Monday, December 2, 2019

Seashell Christmas Tree #CoastalChristmas #DIY #Christmastree #Nauticalchristmas

 Check out these Seashell Christmas Trees. 
I've been meaning to make these for years. 
This year I found these cone forms in my stash and decided it was time.
 Using a glue gun, I attached the shells around the form. It sounds easy but it requires a little bit of your jigsaw puzzle skills. That means you'll use the left and right side of your brain for this craft. Does that count as a work out? And I'd like to know if I burn more calories ?
 Anyway, my point is, really, to look at the situation like a jigsaw puzzle. See the space you are attaching the shells and find the right fit. Work from the bottom up to the tip.
I recommend using a mix of shells in varying sizes and shapes to make these trees.
 There will be gaps as you go along but you can come back and fill those with pearls and the tiny shells. 
 If you see a bit of stringy glue snot, (Isn't that sexy?), don't get upset. At the end you can hit it with a blow dryer and that will melt it away or it will help gather the strings together for easy removal.

 Keep going.

Here's a simple star I made from cardboard, baker's string and pearl embellished, gold wire. Check out the tutorial here.  The stars are so cute you could use them to make a garland or create a big one for a wreath or a tree topper.

 Image result for dollar tree champagne flutes
I wanted the trees to stand taller so I picked up these #DollarTree champagne flutes. I flipped them upside down and attached them under the cone form.

 I'm not totally committed to the champagne flute stand as it is ,clear and I'm considering painting them gold. Any ideas? Comment below please. 

With or without the flutes these are the perfect addition to a nautical, beach themed Christmas. Very Coastal. Very Bohemian.

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  1. Definitely both coastal AND bohemian! I think the glass might look nice spray painted white maybe? With a tiny shell or two glued near the bottom to tie it all in maybe or perhaps a pearl or two to tie it in with the star?

  2. Either would be great . I did throw a few pearls in this one ,it's just not photographed well enough to see them. We think alike.

  3. Maybe a few trees in different sizes on some driftwood?


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