Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Back in NY for the holidays I was feeling the creative urge struggling to get out and do something. Some spring eggs would brighten things up and help with my need to create. Using the same speckle or as I like to call it freckling, technique I use for furniture, I freckled up some eggs. I think they look eggcellent. Don't you?

A few daffodil blooms rounded out the look for a perfect day of feeling the spring.

Thanks for taking a peek .


Coastal Bohemian


Monday, March 14, 2016

Salty Dog Bed

I was looking at this dresser in the studio for WAYYYY tooo long. Out of          nowhere  I hear doggie bed in my head and we are off to the races,

How can I make this doggie bed beachy, coastal? +Greg Hill sent me some vintage cork floaters. What can I do with those? Hmmm. Maybe feet?  Oh yeah, I'm on to something now. 

Omg and I just bought a wooden anchor that will look great on this. Coolio.

And little by little,this 
became this 

Keep creating. And thanks for stopping by for some fun.

Michele Michael 
Coastal Bohemian

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