Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Travel Planner Junk Journal Style

This Fall we are planning a one month long, tour of Florida in our new camper. 

We'll be traveling from the Panhandle near Destin  to the Keys and back . 
Our stops will include a week in the Florida Keys, Fort De Soto Park in St Petersburg,  Sarasota , Bonita Springs, Jupiter Beach, Bahia Mar . Hobe Sound, Stuart (my favorite ), Naples , Delray, Fort Lauderdale, Vero, Port St. Lucie and more. With all the reservations and rules and regulations at campgrounds etc.,  I decided we needed a travel planner to keep everything organized.
 I went to the dollar store to gather some supplies.
1 Three Ring Binder
Various folders 
Three Ring Insertable  Zipper Pencil Pouch 
Filler Paper

 After I got everything organized I just kept looking at it like it was a foreigner. Plain white binder, not fitting a DIY, crown wearing mama. 
Time for some foofoo.
I knew I could easy transform this into a junk journal style planner.
For easy instructions about Junk Journaling click this photo.

 I gathered my leftovers from some Cricut cuts and some laces and other goodies. 

 Please note that I did use Mod Podge to adhere my junk. Last time I used a hot glue gun. With the plastic covering on the binder , this was a better choice.

 I added some colorful paint, very randomly and informally.I'll be able to pull it together as I go along.
After I added the paint, I added some watered down black paint and made it get drippy and sink into all the crevices as I twisted the canvas in different directions to get the drips moving.

Using a thin paint brush I highlighted around the canvas tags in black paint, this really helped them pop. BTW, none of this is planned. It's all a process of doing and becoming inspired and doing and becoming inspired. The reason I make this point, is because the tags looked perfect at this point for naming the planner and yet they just presented themselves that way in that moment. It's a fascinating process of letting go of the control and taking it one step at a time blindly. 

Little areas and around the entire perimeter got a dry brush of copper. It's something I really like but you could substitute gold or silver here.

 I also added some travel stickers from the dollar store for a little extra "travel" flavor.

 This corner I used some Gesso and a stencil to create some texture.

I'm happy with our crazy travel planner and even my fiance mentioned how much he like it. 

Apparently, I'm out of my white on white phase.

With love and gratitude,


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  1. I love that junk art. My son did something sort of similar in this post, only not a journal or sketchbook I'd like to have him do a cover for a book in this same way.


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