Sunday, September 17, 2017

Seashell Scooper -Upper

 Sand Flea Rake

I usually keep a seashell scoop in my car in case I make a beach stop, which I do, often. It's my trusty new side kick, that I love.
My scoop is actually a sand flea rake,

 that we modified by adding bicycle handle bar grips.

 It's a fun little gadget and I always get complements and questions from other shellers. I guess we all have our seashell gathering routines.

While I was away on vacation at the beach in Florida, I realized I had forgotten to pack my new friend.
Seriously BOO!

OK, but I have an idea.

You like where I'm going with this? I know your brain is already pickin' up what I'm puttin' down.

1 Strainer (Under $5  at Walmart ) 

1 long handled wooden pole. Bought at Walmarts for under $3.00 

 zip ties, (from the Dollar Tree)

 Gorilla Tape = Seashell Scoop
In the end this got the job done. It did bend on me when I collected too much sand and shells but I adjusted it back and took in less as I was collecting. 
Total cost $9.00 w/out the Gorilla tape. 

1. Using zip ties, attach the handle from the strainer to the wooden pole. We used 4-5 ties. 
2. Wrap the handles with Gorilla tape, (this is really super strong and never pulled apart when it got wet). 

Thanks for sharing and caring .
Hope this helps you in your shelling adventures. 
Michele , a Coastal Bohemian.

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