Monday, September 4, 2017

Seashell Switch Plates

A while ago my good friend Cathy came to visit me for a little beach getaway. She's my oldest and dearest craft buddy and I actually have a guest blog on here from her.

She takes a look at this naked light switch (Ok, not exactly this switch plate)and starts hollering from the other room, telling me these should be covered in seashells or something beachy. Looking around the beach cottage it was a little strange to see them so plain considering all the crazy bohemian beachiness around the place. 

 The next day I put my daughter, who was visiting,  to work covering up those plates. 

I like to cover everything in sand and glitter so I made up a quick and easy batch of sand and glitter. The mix is really an eye ball mix until the sand looks glittery. If I had to take a guess I would say 10 parts sand to one part glitter. Think in tablespoons.

I have made this so many times using every color glitter I can get my hands on but I really like the whites, crystals and opal colored with the sand.

Evenly paint on some Mod Podge and then cover with the sand and glitter. Let dry, then shake off the excess sand mix onto a plate to catch all that pretty goodness for future use. One more coat of Mod Podge and sand and glitter.

(BTW, I like the extra fine stuff for my sand mixes. )               
This is one I keep around the studio from Michael's.

Let dry. Shake off excess.  Now start gluing on your shells and sea glass using a hot glue gun. This is a "hot " temp glue gun not  a "low temp" hot glue gun. 

You are done. Time to reinstall the switch plate. Did I mention you should remove the plate to do all this. LOL.

Hope you find room for a piece of the beach in your home using this very simple and satisfying design idea. 

Coastal Bohemian

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