Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Basket Top Pumpkin Sign

When someone left a bunch of old basket tops at the studio, I tucked them away hoping for inspiration at some point. 
Inspiration hit one day, not long  after a recent perusing of Pinterest. 
This day , pulling up fall ideas to diy , I was struck by the fact that most things were upcycled, oh did I mention I'm a big time upcycler, from oval and circular items, in one case a pumpkin was upcycled from a broken tennis racket.

In that moment I vowed to upcycle and clean out my studio with every oval and circular thing I had accumulated.
Can you say "Clean out"?
That's when I came across these forgotten basket tops. 

 A few extra staples to tighten them up , a quick coat of dry brush and a piece of driftwood.(I have shown you my driftwood collection at the studio)

 At this point you can hand paint some crude lettering across or stencil something fun. Or not. It's cute just as it is without signage.

I'm a fan of the farmers market and I have been seeing that in the home decor arena lately. Makes me think of Flea Markets, Garage Sales and Fall.

I'm loving these cuties. I hope this gives you a fun for fall idea.

Thanks for peeking in to see what I'm up to at Coastal Bohemian.

Enjoy your fall.

Coastal Bohemian 

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