Monday, October 2, 2017

Seaside Seed Packet and more

September 29th is our quarterly open house down at Coastal Bohemian Studio. The teachers and I supply refreshments and create simple make and take crafts for our clients and customers. We open the doors for free food, fun , crafts and giveaways. We get to spend time with our crafty friends and neighbors. 

For this open house, I took out an oldie but goody. 
Years ago, I came across a seed packet craft where you folded a real seed packet and then a paper design was glued to the front advertising peppermint seeds and candy canes seeds. You added a popsicle stick and it looked just like seed packets you would find as a garden marker. Very silly and just the right amount of whimsical.  
This is an easy craft and great for first time crafters and young children and it's quick so it was perfect for our open house. 
 Seed Packet Template
First you'll need to cut out this template and then trace it onto some oak tag or cardboard to create a sturdy template.

Choose a few interesting papers to cut the seed packet. I used vintage music pages from a sheet music book I bought at the local Library sale for $.50 and construction paper from the Dollar Tree.
Trace the template on the fold of the paper. Cut. Open the folded piece out completely . The folded side becomes the front of your seed packet. 
With the folded side in the middle,
you'll fold the side tabs in and glue down overlapping one another. Use a glue stick , it's quick and dries quickly too.
Next you'll fold and glue the top down and then the bottom. 

You should seed the seed packet now. 

Next you'll cut the seed packet front design out and glue it to the front of your packet.

Add a popsicle stick and you can see the seed packet garden marker.

Since we are at the beach and most of our friends are very beachy,  I designed a few nautical themed seed packets. You'll get a kick out of Jellyfish Seeds and Sand Castle Seeds. 
Where will you plant them?
 I even talked about Octopus seeds, Coral seeds , and more. I think I had Octopus' Garden on the brain .

I've included the printables for the seed packets. You can download them here.

Hope you have as much fun with these as we did.
Enjoy and I look forward to seeing your garden. 


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