Thursday, October 15, 2015

French themed convertible desk/dressing table with draws

Back in the spring I came home to NY and decided to work on a piece of furniture. Interesting that even when I get away ,I still am drawn to the fresh canvas of old furniture, that  blank palette to imagine a new  up-cycled treasure.

And so when my daughter decided to throw away an old dresser/changing table, I got to workin'.

This was actually an old changing table that had the height of a piece that made me think of  bar stools and so I see it as a work desk first but maybe even a vanity with a high stool and a mirror above.
Either way I'm happy with the results.

The piece started out with a black base from my daughter, the goth queen. I used the only paint I had around the house...because you know I didn't plan this and I couldn't wait to get to painting.

After I added the blush to the top and sanded it down to get my shabby on, I still was NOT happy with the look.

I had recently been playing around with some new downloads of french letters that I had downloaded at and decided I was going french on this.

The results I love and the decoupage is stunningly engaging. I go all soft inside when I open up the top to reveal all the interconnected pics.

In the end I donated the piece to someone who just just moved her family to a new home, This went to her daughter's room.

Thanks for taking a look . Keep on painting.

 I know this is blurry but I was really struggling to get a shot here . Just wated to show you the way it opened.

Michele Michael

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