Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lovingly Reimagined Butterfly Shelves

 Set of two shelves sparkle with a loving dose of reimagining.

For me, the creative process involves quite a bit of dramatic pause. By this I mean, I start something and then it can be some time before I get to the finished product. Projects in various stages of development pile up around me and then I know it's time to finish up and get things out to the shop for sale.

These shelves were a plain flat white and they were screaming to be reinvented , reloved ...reimagined.
When I get like this I sit around and pour over the internet for some inspiration . Often times just the concept of someone elses project can inspire some spark in me to get back into finishing projects. 

(I originally thought this was going to be covered in seashells.)

Over the weekend ,I did some marathon youtubing. Is that like googling?

Among the many I watched
 +Upcyclingwithdecoupage made me in the mood to create this piece.
Big thanks to Patti Elhoff for contuniung to create and inspire. Just what I needed.

Hope you enjoy these shelves. See more about Coastal Bohemian at Facebook and Pinterest.


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