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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My secret to finding treasure on the beach.

Many years ago I was hunting the beach with my children and their friends,
 (being a)

a favorite past time of mine, not so much the kids.
I saw something glistening in the 7 ' mounds of sand that had been backfilled onto the beach, as a means of protecting the beach from future erosion. On that day, I pulled two sand tumbled ,vintage glass bottles from the sand. I have proudly displayed them for many years in various beach themed and nautical vignettes around my home.
Many years later, I got to thinking about why on that day had I found  those two vintage bottles on the same day nearby to one another? I needed to do that again. I needed to go beach hunting and find more washed up bottles.
And then I had it.
When they pulled that sand from out of  the ocean, back onto the beach ,they had unearthed years of hidden treasures.
Now I know we had a rough winter and had still been recovering  from Hurricane Sandy. Our government was fortifying our beaches with backfill again. If I scoured the beaches after the backfill was filled, I was bound to find some treasures and hopefully rainbow glistening beach washed bottles.
On a chilly February morning I set out to the backfilled beaches of field 4 and 5 at Robert Moses on Long Island, NY  in search of treasure.

These are the 10' high mounds that were backfilled in February 2014.

 I'm a big believer in manifesting and it seems the more I believe the more I get what I want .
After walking almost two whole fields at the beach, I passed into a section of wide open beach with a lot of debris spread about and that's when I spotted my treasure.

Bottle #1 Yes, I said # one because after I found the first one I was determined to find at least one more. 

Bottle #2 Yes, I said #2 because after I found the second one I was determined to find at least one more. 




I hope you'll find some old treasures washed up for you the next time you're hunting the beach. Please share your treasures with us. 

Happy Hunting my little Bohemians.

Michele Michael