Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chest So Beautiful with Long Sexy Legs Baby

What ? Not expecting a weathered old wooden chest ? I'm testing blog post titles to see activity. If I get good hits you can expect my diy posts to be more provocative in talking about painting and repairs.
Now onto my chest. My treasure chest. 
Once I got that upcycling bug in me, nothing has been safe . Dare I admit I verge on hording if I don't watch myself.  The cure for that is to make sure I am continuing to push out new ideas to you all.

I've had this wooden chest for many years and have lovingly kept maps and brochures from the places I have traveled or intend to travel. This survived Hurricane Sandy and I wonder if the fact that 18" of water coming  into my house is the reason raising this chest off the ground appeals to me.

Supplies -1 old wooden treasure chest
              - 4 legs - I found these for $7.00 at Habitat for Humanity and cut them down to a size that                    worked for my project( these were actually spindles for a railing ). You can always have                      these cut down to the perfect size at a local lumber yard. My lumber yard will cut these for                  $1.00.
              - 4 metal "L" brackets and the 8 screws that coordinate for installation Ask your local 
              Lowe's employee for help with finding the right size " L " brackets for your project.

Trace the spindle top right onto the bottom of the wood chest, secure the L brackets and put a little padding on those feet.
Bippity Boppity BOO! 
                                                      Beautiful Chest with Long Sexy Legs

Decorate the closure with something beachy or nautical.
                      Love this vintage fish I have had it for years swimming around the house.

       Off to the garage to clean out for my next project.

           Send me some of your pictures of your treasure chest creations and I'll be happy to share it here .

                           Thanks for reading.

                            Michele Michael

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