Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Sunflower Salt and Pepper Shakers #decoupage

As we started to get into fall, I decided I needed sunflower salt and pepper shakers. Needed. 
I picked up a pair of Dollar Tree  glass shakers and a package of sunflower napkins. I knew I could decoupage a set of shakers. Basically, you can customize these shakers for any holiday or birthday. Beautiful napkins can be used to create a shaker set for any tablescape.

I used two coats of yellow chalk paint to put a base on these.
Now you know, I didn't take a pic so help me out by using your imagination here.

Once these are dry I can decoupage. Here's how that works. First I remove the layers of napkin and take it down to the last layer with print. In this case I removed two back layers. This leaves me with the printed image layer I'm wanting to use to decorate these shakers. 

Now, I need to cut away some of the napkin but  I've found that using a small paint brush and water makes a better cut .
Just draw a wet line around the area to be cut. Gently pull and the cut area releases from the napkin.

 Using Mod Podge or a 50/50 mix of white glue and water, I put a coat of glue onto the shaker. 

Using a paint brush , I carefully adhere the decorative napkin into place. Immediately, I use a piece of clear plastic wrap over the wet napkin to help manipulate the fragile napkin glue situation. The plastic wrap is laid on top of the napkin and then I am able to use my fingers, GENTLY to get into all those little grooves. This is a delicate balance of time and finger work. I'm working quickly before the glue starts to set up and also I don't want to tear the paper. This method works nearly every time. I say nearly because every so often I get a bit aggressive with the plastic wrap. 

Once these dry, I give it a top coat of mod podge to seal the napkin.

These add the perfect touch to Sunflower season.

With love and gratitude,


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  1. These are so pretty, what a lovely idea.

  2. Your sunflower shakers look great! I'm featuring you this week at the Home Matters Party. Hope to see you stop by!


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