Friday, November 5, 2021

La Sirenita- Little Mermaid

La Sirenita , the little mermaid, with this sweet little mermaid clay mould I created a cute little sign for my mermaid bathroom. At least, that's the goal for our master bathroom.  I'm in need of a big statement piece mermaid but for now I'll do with the little things Ive been finding.

I wanted this to look like a weathered, old sign. Something taken down from an old beach bar or restaurant .

I started with this piece of scrap wood. I rounded the sides with my orbital sander and then used some very watery brown paint to touch up the edges and help blend them into the wood color.
In my stash, I found these metal pieces and thought they would add some character. 
 And then I found these screws that looked like I was really adding some old hardware. 

Yeah, this is looking good.

Using Creative Paper Clay  I created a mermaid from my Iron Orchids Design mold.

I adhered my freshly molded mermaid using gorilla glue.
When my mermaid is dry , I use a very watery mix of black craft paint to create an aged base for my girl. This is immediately blotted up.
Lots of times this clay will cure with crackles and I love it because it really plays into aging this piece.
Now I had to age out those big nubby screw tops. I painted with some white chalk paint to create a primer. Then some black and brown paint.

My mermaid then got a heavy dose of gold dry brush.

I printed out the words and traced it onto the wood using the old pencil on the back method.

Finally, I painted over the letters using an aqua craft paint and a thin letter brush.

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