Friday, September 17, 2021

TV Stand Upcycle #Chalkpaint #Shabbychic #Distressed

Hello Folks. 
It's been a few months since I put out a crafty and creative blog post. We have moved into our newly built home in Gulf Breeze , Fl and as you can imagine there's lots to do. It's been a hectic few months in our camper and that's really not conducive to major projects. Much of the furniture and decor we have saved is currently in storage in SC and we need to take a ride up and drive our storage trailer down here to Florida. So, for now I have been making do with some fun pieces that I bought at local thrifts and FB Marketplace. 
So lets' get right to it. This is a piece I bought to use temporarily as a TV stand in our living room. It's will probably end up as a tv stand in our bedroom because it is slimline and will be perfect at the foot of our bed, our new vintage sleigh bed. I will get that out to show you too but I do need to stage it all for you and most of my staging goodies are up in SC.

This is a vintage piece of teak furniture with lovely beveled glass doors and I purchased it with a price tag of $175.00 on FB Marketplace. And yes, I'm about to paint it! 

Now remember,  I use Country Paint, a chalky based paint to redo my pieces. I mention this because I do not need to sand this finish to allow my paint to adhere to the furniture. So a brush and  roller paint job later and I have this....
Although this stand is vintage it isn't shabby chic enough  for me. I decide to add some chic embellishments for a bit of charm.

 Using a mould from my stash, (purchased on Amazon a few years back),

and some #CreativePaperclay, I turn out a few back plates for the small knobs. The mould gets dusted with corn starch and then if you remember how to mold with playdough you get the rest. LOL.

The freshly molded pieces can be removed easily from the mold and glued to the furniture. I measured to find the mid point and added a hole for the knob and used a screw driver to help hold it in place a bit. The wet clay with the Gorilla wood glue make for a tight bond. When the glue is dry I can paint right over the damp clay with my #chalkpaint. 
Note , I did have to watch that the backplates didn't slip from position for a few minutes. I typically add too much glue and have to go in with my tiny brush and remove any excess. The excess glue can make the clay slippery but just keeping an eye on the piece I really had almost no problem getting these to set up without having to lay the furniture down.

At this point, I'm very excited the stand already has a change of character I adore , however  I feel the backplates need to be more aged . 

Once the clay was dry I used some wax to give it some color. Initially I created a blend of both clear and dark wax but it wasn't dark enough to give me the look I was going for so I did go over it full force with the dark wax. 

Below I created  a mix of a drop of gold and copper craft paint and using my finger, gently rubbed on the paint.

I know I made a mess but easily touched up with my chalky paint, remember it adheres to most things and I don't have to sand the waxy, messy areas, just paint in my touch ups.

I added some of the same paint to enhance the color of the knobs. 
It's lookin good!!!How you doin' handsome?💖

                             A coat of clear wax and a nice buff helps to finish off the project.

Excuse all my wires and boxes but I'm unsure where everything will make its' home at this time so I am not ready to do wire tucks and hides just yet.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this upcycle.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wonderful piece! When I first read teak, I thought ph no! But I love how it turned out, fresh and beautiful!!!

  2. Hi Melynda. Thanks. I know people have a hard time painting certain pieces and I get it but this was the right price and suited my need. I did buy a beautiful oak sleigh bed that I kept in it's wooden state.

  3. Very nice upcycle! I'm impressed you were able to successfully paint the teak. The nasty oils from teak made a mess of a dining table I tried upcycling. Your DIY backplates look amazing too!

    1. Thanks Maria. I did have to hit a spot with some clear spray on varnish to block a bleed through.


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