Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Shabby Chic Chenille Heart Shaped Coasters

We recently moved into our new home in Gulf Breeze, Florida and much of my home furnishings are in storage at my husband's parents home in SC. Needing coasters I got to thinking about what I had in my craft room stash. I knew I had fabric and suddenly thought about making stitched coasters. My original design idea was to create a set of 4 coasters with a diamond, rectangle, circle and a heart, but once I made the heart it was all over. 1 set of 4 heart coasters coming up.

 Much of our place will have a cottagey(I know, not a word), shabby chic style so I whipped up a few of these little pretties and I am loving them.
 I had some natural cotton batting left over from making bowl cozies last Christmas and some chenille bedspread fabric. God, I love chenille. 

I cut a few generous pairs of square chenille and 1 square of batting for each coaster. Now you make a sandwich with the batting inside. 

Starting somewhere mid center I began stitching my heart. I had the idea in advance that I wanted this to look very freeform and so after the first stitched heart was complete I went back around and around to really get a funky freestyle stitching look.

 Afterwards , I cut a border around the stitching to create the heart. Next, I cut a  fringed border and hand frayed the material along the edges.  So easy and fun. 

These are rather large and measure about 6"

I love these for a hostess gift and of course thinking about the original design idea,  you could stitch triangles, rectangles or circles. 
Thanks for reading along. 


  1. these coasters are so cute - I also love chenille - when I grew up in east Tennessee decades ago, ladies out in the country made chenille bedspreads and sold them - chenille makes me feel cozy

    1. It makes me feel cozy too. Thanks for that sweet memory.

  2. Great idea! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

  3. Hi Ann. Thanks for popping in to say hello.


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