Thursday, December 17, 2020

Upcycled Spice Tin #UpcycledTinCan #Altered #Mixedmedia #VintageChristmas #Christmas

Using  Chalk Paint is my favorite way to begin most of my upcycle projects.  I'm starting  with an empty spice tin. Next I gave it a coat of white chalk paint. No sanding , just paint it.
After the chalk paint I used a permanent ink pad by Archival and a word stamp. They call it "indiscriminate words."
It was very easy to stamp around the body of the tin. 

When it dried, I coated the entire can with my Fiddes and Son clear wax. After you brush it on, you simply take a cloth and remove the excess. Using a clean area of the cloth buff the wax to a protective shine. Next,  I used some of my dark wax by Fiddes and son . In this case, I am using the color Jacobean . 
After you brush it on in various areas you simply take a cloth and remove the excess. Using a clean area of the cloth buff the wax to a protective shine.

I printed out this vintage label for the can. It felt delicate for the small can plus I have the idea to display fresh lavender stalks inside the can after the holidays. You can head over to my Printables board at Pinterest here to print out the label. Originally found  at

 In the same way that I wax the tin can, I also wax the paper image. That's right and don't forget to buff the paper. It creates a protective coating that allows you to glue the image to the can without smearing the ink.
 So I used #ModPodge to adhere my image to the can. 

A few pieces of bling and this little gem is looking very vintage and pretty. 

Noticing my brush tree I plopped it on top and decided it was a great addition to my holiday d├ęcor. 

Maybe here. No 
Maybe here. No 

This is where it landed .

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  1. I love this !Oh No I Got to go retrieve a tin I just through out!
    You did a great job :)
    xo Lisa S

  2. Hi Lisa. Thanks. Any praise from you makes my day.

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