Tuesday, June 18, 2019

#ChalkPainted #texturecasting Room Divider Upcycle

For this project I used a product called texture casting. It's a wood based paste that you can use to stencil on designs that later dry to a raised embellishment. 

(Before) I picked this up on the FB market for $30.00
 We have a one bedroom rental condo on Okaloosa Island in Florida and there is a pull out sofa in the living room. I thought a room divider would be the perfect way to lend a little privacy to those who would be sleeping on the sofa and also keep the noise from the kitchen from hitting the sleepers. Basically, if someone gets up and needs coffee this will provide a buffer.
I've used texture casting several times in my creating and it makes for a simple way to add something unique to furniture creations. See more texture casting ideas here.
 It's an easy paste to work with and you can use a spatula or an old credit card to spread the paste across the stencil. Try and use a very thick stencil for this or create a one time use stencil from oak tag.
 I applied the design but had to wait until it dried to lay down the stencil and reapply it to cover each section entirely. This was a bit time consuming but really worth it for a project like this.

 After all the sections were dry , I used Crisp Collar by Chalk Country Paint to give it a bright white finish
 Afterwards I use a dry brush to add some dark grey paint to the edges in order to help pick up the design and add a little shabby , distressed look to the divider.

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