Monday, January 21, 2019

Wee Wonderland Walking Path #Myrtle Beach

Once upon a sunny day, my good friend Kathy made an unexpected stop at this remote path that meanders through a little wooded section on the edge of an industrial area and bordered by a development on the other end.

 It was a bright sunny day (Ok these pictures are not from that perfectly sunny day, it was later I decided to write a blog post about Wee Wonderland)and people were entering and exiting the pathway on foot and riding bicycles and it really felt safe so I agreed to go for a walk . She promised me a surprise and she said "You are really going to like this place."

As we started down the path we noticed some faux flowers and some outdoor mini ornaments and I immediately thought it was a memorial to someone who had been killed there and was wondering what the heck is she bringing us here for but, my friend always reads my mind and she said, "It looks like a memorial but it's not ." We were standing under a streetlight and she pointed that out to keep me understanding that we were really in a pretty safe zone. 

As we continued our walk, we came upon a string of flowers under a tree and underneath that a fairy home with lots of little people.
As I started to understand I looked around at the other trees and it was the same.
The people had claimed this path as their own and it was a safe place for fairies and gnomes. All of the trees with all of their cut outs and openings had been adorned with fences and stairs, doors and swings and chairs and even pools, all the things a little nymph could use in the forest, and it was all put there by the big people.
It was 100% "Organically Grown."

There were signs about declaring this the Wee Wonderland .

As we walked along, we met a pair of sisters that were visiting their tree and adding some goodies for the little people. They told us this was  "Two Sisters Tree".

It's not an amusement park, a water park or an arcade. There is nothing interactive  to keep you and your children occupied all day and into the nights. However, there is magic and wonder here, knowing that this secret forest manifested from it's own grass roots beginning and that fairies and gnomes flitter about here.
Think of the creativity and planning that went into some of these displays.

 Look at the windows and stairs on this display. 

So now I feel the need to contribute something to the hidden fairy garden. I mean little people need some beach decor too, right? I have a few perfect pieces to bring back to share with the little folk.

Directions to Wee Wonderland- In Myrtle Beach off of 17 Bypass, take Farrow Parkway to Airpark Drive. The walkway is to the right just as you enter the road. You'll need to find a spot to park along the industrial road and walk back to the walking path. 

Maybe you'll create a spark of fun in a nearby park or along a walking path. I hope it sparks some magic in you.
With love and gratitude,


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