Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Love Grows Here

I love Valentine's Day. It's my favorite time of the year. I love the reds and the hearts and the L O V E and the decor. Every year I try to make something fun to add to my collection of goodies .
This year I had no idea what I was going to make and as you can see we have this piece above. Truth be told I thought I was going to make a seashell heart using oysters shells and using very little color.
Here's what actually happened.
I started out with two heavy pieces of cardboard, traced a heart and cut. 

 I glued the two hearts together with several bamboo skews inside thinking that somehow this heart was going to be standing up tall and proud. 
I started to lay out shells onto the cardboard and could see immediately that the shells would be too heavy for this particular heart. Oh well. Tuck that idea away for a bit.

First, I applied sheets of vintage sheet music for a background. 
Sorry folks my pics are somewhere but not in my files.
You get it the idea.

 Next, I decoupaged these beautiful paper napkins I had found at #TuesdayMorning. I loved the color and print and I assumed that the roses and the aqua would pair nicely with seashells. I mean you know how I roll. #CoastalBohemian

You need the one layer of napkin that has the print. This means you'll be removing one or two other layers or ply.

My friend Pam taught me a trick the other day. Take a piece of tape and attach it to the edge of the napkin. This makes it easier to pull the layers of paper napkin apart. Trust me, I have fidgeted with pulling these layers apart over the years. Just grab the tape.

 Using some water and a paint brush , I outline the sections of napkin you I want to use and it easily pulls apart. 
 Using Mod Podge, I apply the sections in a design  I like.

 I use some burgundy wine acrylic paint to add a bit of dimension and get the mixed media flare going.

Of course, I needed some black to set things off.

At this point I am full on in ART FLOW. 

Dry brush some gold.

Highlight with black.

Added a little feathery trim(more like hairy trim).

And in the end, a little bling to brighten up the piece.

A bit of foam in a pot and I had a finished piece. 

I hope the reds and the heart  give you a bit of cheer. I know it makes me wildly happy. 
Happy Valentine's Day.

With love and gratitude,


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  1. This is a great Valentine's decor idea. I love the mixed media look you created, and I love heart decor for the whole year! I think this is perfect for Valentine's Day and everyday!

  2. That is SO SO pretty. I thought at first glance it was fabric, the texture is so lovely. What a great way to use pretty paper napkins.

    1. Thx. I actually like it better without the red fur, but once I started to hot glue I was committed.

  3. You're very talented; the heart is so pretty and would fit so many homes year round. Thanks for sharing. Pinned and shared.

  4. I haven't been crafty for Valentines this year, and it's almost too late at this point! I did decorate with a cute little love banner that included red pompoms. It's super cute, but I cheated and purchased it! :) Good for you for adding to your Valentines collection each year!

  5. Thanks for showing your mixed media process. I like how it turned out! I'm visiting from A Morning Cup of Joe.


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