Thursday, October 25, 2018

Brick Paper for Crafting, #Paper Crafting , #MixedMedia , #Card Making #Scrapbooking

I made brick textured paper. It's more like a plastic sheet at this point, but it will be perfect for crafting and creating. 
It's lovely.

I found a set of texture plates at the #DollarTree
I'm using white glue and paper here. This paper happens to be an extra sheet that was a spray dyed vintage book page. Coat the texture sheet with a generous amount of glue. Using a paint brush add the paper on top and begin to push the paper into the glue and the crevices of the texture plate. Be sure and coat the entire top of the sheet with glue as well. 
 I used a brick texture here. Allow to dry for 24 hrs. 

 After 24 hrs you can peel the paper from the texture plate.  At this point you will have something very flexible and more like a soft silicone.
 Now as cool as that was, I had to keep experimenting. 
 I did a quick dry brush of brown acrylic craft paint. And a little dab to remove some. I don't want to completely lose that vintage wording underneath.
 I added a dry brush of gold, silver and  copper. Then used some watered down white to get into the cracks hoping this would look like cement and lime deposits. 
Use the watery white at the top and let it drip down , just as it would along bricks naturally. Then blot up the excess. 
 You may need to dry brush a bit more over the white. I also sanded the brick a little bit to help reveal the printed words underneath. 

This was extremely easy and I can see it used as a background with flowers , in card making , ornaments and more. 

Happy crafting friends.

With love and gratitude,


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