Saturday, September 29, 2018

Witches Ball

In the Spring, I created a patriotic themed frame for the summer season. 

Lady Liberty 

Now that's it's Fall , it's time to change it out.

Here's a quick tutorial to make one for your home. 

 1. Print out a black and white image that you like. I       use the , almost exclusively. 
2. Cut the image or tear the image along the edges.

3. Create a colorful background by staining some          vintage pages with Dylusions. I used Funky                Fuschia. And then I used a few spots of black ink.      I sprayed with some water and swirled and                dripped it around the page. Let it dry. This is your      background.

So pretty.I used this background for my Be Scary Artist Trading Cards too. 

4.Now for the fun part, making Faux Vellum. This is different than what I did the last time, with my Lady Liberty. I saw Heather @Thicketworks create Faux Vellum and that's what I'm doing next. Please see her tutorial on Youtube for the best results.
 Using distress inks and a cotton make up pad I added some aging to my black and white print.

5. Apply baby oil to the entire surface. Ok, so I             didn't have baby oil, but I did have a huge bottle       of  Skin So Soft that had been neglected for the         last 4 years. I used a small artist spatula to move       it around the paper. 

 6. Make sure the entire page has absorbed the oil,         both front and back and remove all the excess           oil.  You will be flipping back and forth to remove       the excess, several times,  but in the end you will       be left with a nearly dry sheet. It will need to dry       more over the next day. 

 Experiment with other paper while you have your     tools and oil in your play space. You can see the     pages have become translucent.

7.The next day you'll spritz a few drops of water on       the images to get a few good water spots on             there.Even more aging. You'll see it better below.

8. Tear around the edges of your image. This will            give it a more aged effect.

 Look at those water spots. So perfect. Right?

9. Mount the image to the background and cut to fit       the frame. You are done. 

I think it's a good looking piece and I'm happy with the effects I achieved with the baby oil, distress inks, and water.

Have fun and let me know how you do with this project. 

Don't forget to leave me a comment below. 

With love and gratitude,


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