Sunday, May 27, 2018

Lady Liberty Holiday Decor

Happy Memorial Day friends.
As I looked around my home, I found that I didn't really have any red , white and blue decor for the holiday. (We have been very busy traveling to NYC for my Fiance and his back surgery and I took the last week + off from most blogging and crafting.)
Now it's back to work and crafting.

 I had been looking at this frame sitting around for weeks waiting for some love and so that's what I did, I showed it some love.

Digging through my travel stash I found some vintage pages I had colored up . ( I took over the table in the CB studio and slapped on paints I felt would blend together well) I literally covered the table in vintage pages and then sprayed them all with water . Then I added acrylic paints and began layering the pages together to spread the water and paint. I picked up the excess paint and water with dry pages and then blotted the whole lot of them dry. Finally,  I blow dried them, because I have no time for things to dry on their own.Wink.

Next I pulled a Patriotic Image from my file of Printables. 
This one I had downloaded from the, a great place for vintage images available to the public for FREE.

After I printed the image I tore around the edges to create a weathered effect. 

Using a 2" wide brush ,I covered the image with dark wax and then removed the excess and buffed with a clean cloth. This seals the ink from the printer, allowing me to use Mod Podge effectively without smearing  the ink.  It's a great trick I stumbled upon .
After that I used a glue stick to position the image on the musical background. 

Here is another project I was working on that shows the difference between the original print and the aged image (waxed).

And place it back into the frame. Ignore the scratches on the table. It's a curbside find waiting for it's makeover.

Happy Memorial Day friends and thank you to all those who have served our country. 

With love and gratitude,


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  1. Wonderful, thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!


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