Sunday, July 29, 2018

In Home Beach

Obviously, I'm not going to recommend filling your home with sand. Although my home and car often feel like they are filled with sand.
What I am recommending here is a small version of the beach just like those little zen gardens with the rakes that stressed out people use to calm their soul. 

This idea is perfect for all my Coastal Bohemians.

This is my "in home beach" at the studio . I use it to photograph items  and I keep it decorated with shells and bottles and little bits of the beach. To make the beach more glistening, I add a bit of my sparkle, I mean my glitter. Maybe some of my sparkle.

Ideally. I see it in something more like this beautiful platter, found on etsy , filled with sand or some sort of white washed wooden tray filled with all that glittery sand.

A simple fun idea for a beach party decor too. 

Keep beachin' it

With love and gratitude,


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