Thursday, May 10, 2018

Old Belt= Hat Organizer

While cleaning out a few things I came across a bunch of belts that I really should have been donating. As per usual I asked myself "How can I upcycle this and not throw it out?" Said the hoarder to the belt.  The answer was a hat organizer. Huh? Hang on you'll see.

Here's what you'll need if you want to make a quick hat organizer.

Hot Glue Gun 
Glue Sticks 
Chalk Based Paint 
1 Belt
1 Package of Clothes        Pins

Now I'll be honest with you here . This is actually a belt from a thrift store since I am in NY and needed a hat organizer , so finally that idea in the back of my mind came to fruition.

Using a hot glue gun , I added 6 cloth pins to the length of the belt. Then I painted the whole thing with chalk paint.Hang on the wall and add the hats. Bingo. Easy, simple and cost effective.Can you say? "Organized."

You can make this fancier by using prettier belts and keep a theme going with some embellishments but for me this was about a quick fix to a problem. You can hang it behind a door like I did or inside a door for extra storage. 
I'm sure you can use it to organize other things too, like scarves or a collection of wristlets. 
Do your thing. Have fun . #Upcycle #Organize 

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