Friday, April 6, 2018

Royal Pacific Upcycled Note Cards

16 years ago, my family and I were amongst the first visitors to stay at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando. This was their opening week and we were there when the media arrived and the fireworks began. It was an exciting celebration and the resort was lovely .  Inside the room were these adorable note cards that I took as a keepsake. I had saved them for all these years. Since, as a crafter, diyer , I tend to have an overwhelming supply of goodies, I thought it was time to destash my stash and  for them to have their moment in the sun . I decided to create something to finally enjoy these pretties.
I grabbed some burlap and a wooden block. I always have blocks of wood around the studio for our crafts classes. These blocks are approx 5 x 7 . I could see something beginning to take shape. The bamboo reminded me of straw umbrellas and would go nicely with the theme.

 I pulled a few strands from around all the edges to create a focal point and a shabby edge. 
I gave the wooden block a quick dry brush for some color.
Using Mod Podge, I decoupaged the fabric to the block. It takes a bit of Mod Podge and some pouncing of the brush but it works nicely.

 After that it was just a matter of adding the note card to the center with more Mod Podge. ( I did cut the note card in half, so I was only working with the printed face of the card here.)

For the second note card I used a torn map specifically highlighting  the Pacific Ocean. 

I tore around the edges and brushed on some dark wax. Just as quickly as you apply the wax, you'll need to remove the wax and buff the paper. Just like you buff shoes , you'll buff the wax on the paper. It will leave your map looking weathered and aged perfectly.
Just Mod Podge to the wooden block and add the note card with some Mod Podge as well.

I love this pretty set of nostalgic home decor for hanging on the wall in a little spot maybe by a chair or a writing area, someplace  that's tucked away from the real world and you can enjoy day dreaming about the South Pacific.

We have a beach condo on Okaloosa Island in Florida and it's located next to an Air Force base that flies the giant planes and helicopters over the beaches all day long and all the time. (I'm pretty sure that's why these note cards made it out of the craft stash and out into the real world. )We get excited every time we see  them , but for me, it takes me back to one of my mom's favorite old movie musical, South Pacific, by Roger's and Hammerstien. The movie is a love story set in the South Pacific Islands during World War 2 and has some of the most memorable music of our time , including the very hauntingly beautiful "Some Enchanted Evening".

Here's a link to the original movie trailer for those of you that want to remember what the movie was about.

What do you have in your craft stash that could be an exciting upcycle? Maybe even something that could bring back some meaningful memories.

With love and gratitude and Polynesian Blessings
Coastal Bohemian
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