Saturday, April 14, 2018

Bohemian Fringe Runner

It feels good to be sewing and creating again. I used to love to sew gowns and dresses and home decor and especially little outfits for my baby girl. She's 24 yrs old now and I've just started picking up my machine more and more these days.

These days I'm creating some funky pieces for our camper and for the rental condo on Okaloosa Island in Florida. 
When we bought the condo everything had a glass top, apparently this makes for easier cleaning for the housekeeping and people are less likely to make ring marks on furniture with a glass top. Yeah, problem. I hate glass! 
So I decided to throw out the glass and create runners and place mats.
This quick tutorial is not a sewing lesson. I'm not the one to look to for sewing lessons, there is plenty of that on Youtube. This is ,however ,a creative use of found supplies and thinking outside the box with limited resources. 
I did a craft house clean out with my son, ( Yes a craft house clean out. Don't be jealous), and I found this Chenille bedspread. After a good washing, I had packed it away to sell online. I had sold one yrs ago for $200.00. Cha ching.

And then I realize how pretty the fabric would look as a table runner.

I pulled together a few scraps of fabric from my stash. 
(remember we are at the condo readying it for renting and i don't have what I normally have in the studio)

Now, I'm on the floor measuring and cutting the fabric for the runner . 

 I just measured the length of the tv stand and added a few inches on each end.
At this point you can sew the sides to create a clean edge but leave each end open so you can attach the two tiered Boho fringe..
For the Boho fringe, I cut 7 in strips of each fabric and cut fringe into each of  them. 
 Cut a few pointed pieces to break up the uniform look. 

Use a machine running stitch along the top and then gather the threads . Measure against the width of the runner end pieces to determine the final length of your gathered fringe .
Pin the two gather pieces of fringe together and attach them to one another  by using a machine running stitch across the top.

Sew the boho fringe  to the runner ends. 
Iron the seam . Complete.

 It's a little shabby chic, in a beachy world, and that pretty much works for me. 
Be Coastal, Be a Bohemian, Be a Coastal Bohemian but be well. 

With love and gratitude,


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