Thursday, February 22, 2018

Soul Cards & Funtastic Friday Link Party #167

My family has been reading tarot cards for at least 2 generations that I know about.. My grandmother was a healer and she used her Tarot cards in her healings. As a little girl, I was always sent outside to play when people came over for a reading. It wasn't until I was 19 years old that she, my grandmother , finally did a read for me. It was an honor that she did that for me.

Today , my sister is a popular tarot card reader/ medium on Long Island in  NY. In fact she has a 3 month wait for her readings.

I believe in energy and the way it plays into my life and I'm certain that when you shuffle those cards, (tarot), you are infusing your energy, (good or bad)into the cards. 
I wanted something a little different for my life and my students. I'm not sure what we'll call them but a very popular style of cards is Soul cards and that may be what I name them..."Coastal Bohemian Soul Cards" There are many varieties of cards on the market these days including,  Angel cards,  Law of Attraction cards, Energy cards , Crystal cards etc. etc.

Knowing I wanted to create a workshop, I began to work on several  examples of cards as inspiration for our Tarot card class. 

The class is set up to be a recurring class  for 2 hrs each month. In the class you'll choose 2 designs from the available 4 designs. If the students complete 2 of the designs and there is time left they can work on additional designs.

Each  class will  discuss 4  different themes, the meanings of each of these themes and the images and associated feelings evoked during the discussion of these themes. 

The students can take notes here and use the notes to begin to  create a vision for  their designs using a mixed media format. It's important that the images and quotes  connect with each student. 

These cards are meant to be very personal , infused with your energy and something you can turn to as a source of inspiration, meditation and hope.

Included with the class is a simple box that I bought at the Dollar Tree and which will be embellished and used as a sacred space for your Soul Cards.

Here's a pic of the box I created.

This is a fun class that involves some self discovery, some courage and maybe just a little faith. 
This Coastal Bohemian is keeping the faith and hoping you'll be inspired to create your own 
Soul Cards 
And now.....................................

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It's another Funtastic Friday Link Party.

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Grab two spoons and dive into this chewy and delicious Skillet Brownies for Two topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!
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