Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Worn Denim Jeans Furniture.

Think of your favorite worn in, worn out, weathered and  distressed jeans . Recolor that image with Midnight Blue from your childhood Crayola crayon box. That's what we have here.
This image does not reflect that deep, midnight blue with that hint of emerald, but I can tell you in person this color is glorious. I started by using Riptide by Chalk Country Paint.

Before video.

Here's the before picture of a piece I picked from the side of the road a few years ago. Finally, it's time to paint something for me. Yippee.

 I used a paint technique I saw on Debbie's Design Diary on Youtube that uses a two color technique, a spray bottle and a pallet knife. Not your typical. Now I have used the pallet knife to scrape furniture and drag paint. Here you use the pallet knife like a paint brush would be used to highlight or enhance an area. 

Check out Debbie's Video here. 

It begins with two coats of Riptide. Easy enough.
Next we take both Riptide, on one brush and Polished Turquoise , on another brush and begin a blending of colors. Start with the Polished turquoise on the inside of the section and swirl it on and spray it with some water. You'll need to dip into the Riptide at this point and start to blend it into the other paint . Now give this a light spray and continue to blend. Bring in your long brush strokes to create the striations, not sure if that word is what applies here but I'm using it.You're trying to get a natural color blend without creating a new color. Sort of an hombre. Debbie describes it as a blending as you would use when applying eye shadow.

After I painted the piece, I mixed together some of  the light and the dark wax and gave this whole piece a good wax and buff, further aging this table.

Here's my after party video.

Here's where I party all week.

Thanks for reading along . 

Coastal Bohemian

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