Monday, October 30, 2017

Upcycled Verdigris Garden Statues

We've all had these garden statues out in our yards over the years in different forms and sizes. Over the years they get weathered and distressed and can look a bit sad, enough so to possibly toss them into the trash. Here's a quick makeover I did for a friend recently. She was moving and I knew her mom had given her these statues and I wanted to give them a  new life. (She was considering leaving them behind because they were so ravaged by the weather.)

Grab a paper plate and add some craft acrylic paint in Copper and a few drops of water to thin it out a bit. With a very wet brush coat the entire statue.  You will see through some of the paint in striations and this really lends itself to the piece.  And if you get a few drip marks let them be. (Just a few).
We are not looking for a complete thick coverage here. Let it dry. Using a dry brush technique with some verdigris color of paint dry brush onto the areas you think would be most affected by rain and winds. Places that jut out and the upper most parts seem to be the weathered areas.  This will soften the look immediately. 
I purposely do not add protective sealants. I want the weather to soften the paint look more . We are looking for this 

Found in a google search "Copper Statue Patina"
Look at the drip marks. Yummy.

 I used Nicole's paint in Copper from AC Moore and it's a fantastic paint for this.

Quick and easy upcycle and my friend is thrilled. She made me leave the copper painted one just copper. They actually sit on her screened in patio where she meditates so they will see a lot more life and love this  go round.

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