Monday, October 2, 2017

Sushi Costume

About eight years ago I was dating my boyfriend Jason for 1 year. We were invited to a Halloween /Birthday Party / Fund Raiser and we had to dress up.

This made me a little nervous because I realized I really didn't know if Jason would dress up.

Reading through Woman's Day magazine I found a costume for children to make them look like Sushi. Easy Peasy. This is it!

Here's the thing, my little brain is racing around, doing the happy dance because I know Jason loves sushi.How can he say no?

Here's the call.

Jason calls from work to say hello on his break.

Me: "Babe, we got invited to a costume party and we have to dress up and I really have to go to this event for business and networking."

Jason : "Ok." (Not just OK , OK with a bit of trepidation.)

Me: (They used to call me Motor Mouth when I was a kid so you'll have to imagine the verbal run on sentence here and lots of happy excitement.)
"Babe, we're dressing up as Sushi, don't say no , don't be afraid, just wait until you see the costume and you'll see it's actually perfect."

Jason : lol.

Jason to his men."Hey guys, I'm dressing up as Sushi for Halloween"

That is why I love this man. He's pretty much game for everything.

See pictures above for our sushi rolls costume .

What you'll need
4 pillows
clear packing tape
packing corn
4 black bags
Glue gun
orange balloons.
2 -6' pieces of wood from the lumber yard( If you ask nicely, they'll probably cut the sticks to look like chopsticks for you.) They cut them for us because they know us in the neighborhood and because we promised a picture of the costume for their laughs.

1. Sandwich your body between the two pillows and tape the pillows to your body.
2.Wrap the plastic bags around the tape creating the seaweed roll. You may have to open your bags up a bit to create the right size.
2. Hot glue white packing corn onto the top of the pillow that is peeking out to create the look of rice.
4. Blow up orange balloons small and tie ends. Hot glue onto rice and pillow creating the salmon roe.

Done. Carry around your chopsticks for effect.

We actually went into our favorite sushi joint and pranced around for the crew and the patron. Everyone had a big laugh.

Happy Halloween friends. 
Little miss Sushi Bohemian

Here's a list of link parties I participate in weekly.


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