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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Palmentines-What's the love story you see here?

I was out for a walk this morning, wearing my rose colored glasses as usual. I am a lover. I love people and I'm sure my mission in life is to come from a place of love and  to love and notice love.  I can say that but it's not always an easy thing. So I choose to go find love in a smile or  saying hello to a dog out on a stroll who really just wants to be able to sniff you up and give you a kiss or people watch for some loving moments. I find love in so many places and it always amazes me that when I set my intentions upon it ,it appears.

I see a male and female palm . How long have they been here? What are their names? What's their love story. What kind of energy drew one to the other?

Happy Palmentine's Day 
Remember to be silly.