Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blue Morning Glories as a cut flower. My Coastal Bohemian Garden.

I love blue morning glories. I wish I could wear them, bathe in them, eat them , share them with everyone, take them with me in the car , grow them over my bed and wear them in my halo. I wait for that first bloom every year. I take a picture of the first bloom like it's my child's first day of school.Wacked right?
 So it was not out of line for me to take a cutting of the VINE and place it in some water inside my home.

 To my amazing surprise my glories continued to bloom for a week. Yes morning glories can be a cut flower. Just remove the spent blooms daily and enjoy.

And here is where they love to grow , very close to the shore of Long Island , NY

Thanks for taking time to enjoy these lovelies. 


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