Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Upcycled Nautical Bathroom Decor -Crab Seahorse Fish

My son buys storage units and one day I met up with him and asked to check out his latest buy.He had 8 of these 8" x 8 " squares.....we still have no idea what they were. I grabbed them knowing they were getting upcycled into something.

                                                       Out the gate, I painted them white.

 I knew they could showcase something in the middle. I finally found some nautical unfinished wooden cutouts at a craft store and traced them inside of each one .

                                      These pics were  found the online at  Factory Direct Craft.

Afterwards, I painted inside the tracing with my teal blue and mounted them in my beach bathroom above my driftwood towel rack.

Consider upcycled decor into your next home design. Take a look at something that is about to become trash and hold back on it for a few days and let the ideas flow.

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