Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It is Written in the Sand

Take a walk on the beach, pick up a piece of driftwood (of course)and write in the sand. Tell the world that you are in love or that you catch big fish or life is beautiful or as I was famous for writing in the sand, "Have your cake and eat it too." I wanted to have my cake and eat it too.

Don't forget to take photos to decorate the that nautical , beachy, coastal home.

Take a friend , a spouse,  a child and make memories in the sand. Leave messages for others that may happen upon the writing. I used to draw roses in the sand and leave a mound of seashells for anyone that happened upon my notes and I always hoped it would make them smile to find my little gifts.

This is a fun thing to free your spirit and  dream out loud. For those who are more reserved and less inclined to actually do this.....the colder months are perfect for your first message to the sea gods. In the colder weather less people travel the shoreline and are less likely to catch you exploring outside of your the box. 
Maybe you have something inside that needs to be released  or something that is stressing your mind. Take it to the sand  and write out your rants and then watch them wash away on the shoreline and feel them wash away from your shoulders. Then breathe again. 

See you at the shoreline.

Michele Michael

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