Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fishing Lessons? Where's a girl to go?

I live on an Island! How can there be no readily available outlets for fishing lessons!!!!I'm not going to repeat that for affect... just read it again for me .

At 40  years old I met my fisherman/boyfriend. My initial attraction was hearing he was a fisherman, I thought-----  insert thought bubble----he's probably a real down to earth kind of guy.

Marlin  6 Princess out of Montauk NY

I explained that I always liked fishing and crabbing and really wanted to learn more about fishing. Take me take me ...PLEEEEAAASSSE. And  over the years he has taken me fishing and it is one of the things we incorporate into all our vacations. (We are headed to the Keys in December, I want to catch a Mahi. We'll be fishing in Islamorada and looking for recommendations for party boats.) Please email me at

Our first fishing experience together was out of Montauk, NY on the Marlin 6 Princess with *Capt Eddie, who now Captain's the Montauk Star out of Star Island Marina.We were Fluke fishing. Let me just make something clear here..I am not a liar, so when I tell you this don't chalk it up to an exaggerated fishing tale.

On that day, my boyfriend lowered the bait into the water and handed me my pole. Immediately,  I could feel the bottom wiggle around on the floor bottom.I thought I had a fish...just as I always did when I was a little girl. I had that feeling in my stomach as if this could be the real deal here.
In the 5 seconds that the bait was on the bottom and I felt this, my boyfriend looked back at me and saw my face. "What's up? You got a fish?" Cool as all hell I said "Nah it's just the feeling,  I always think I have a fish" At this point he grabs the pole and smiles, {{{{Reel it up you have a fish}}}}.

Seriously,I had a fish and it was big . Dude, I caught a giant fish and another and another and another , all day long. We actually had the following conversation on this day....."Babe, look this fish is about 8 lbs, are you sure you want to keep it? We've been pulling up doormats all day, you should throw him back and go for one of the bigger fish." He wanted me to win the pool fish. Jason doesn't have any children and so I think on this day I was the extension of himself , that pride you see when you look at your children when they do something special that came as a direct result of your influence. We were surrounded by all his friends and his smile was unforgettable. He tells this story all the time and I love it every time.
This is us on another trip.
This was that special day.

BTW ...If you are reading this and have no experience fishing, this type of fishing is not often the case....non stop, big fish , all day long. All the fisherman schooled me after the telling of our tale, "Don't get used to that kind of fishing, that crazy sh!t is a  rarity, doesn't happen like that all the time Michele.."
                                                   Don't hate on me because I can fish!
Cancun, Mexico
 Here I would like you to imagine me twirling around shaking and pointing  my fingers at you and nodding my head and smiling at you like Oh yeah .

Now back to the subject of this post...why did it take 40 years for me to learn to fish? Why aren't there any fishing lessons readily available on Long Island? I have two children and they were both in scouts. I would have taken them and their friends and the entire cub scout pack for fishing lessons. Return to the first line of this post.

So I propose to all the fisherman out their to teach a kid to fish, girl or boy , your child or someone else's. Take them from a shore , a dock, a pier, a beach or  a boat. Reach out to organizations with your skills and share your knowledge. Help people find fishing lessons on Long Island.How can you call yourself a Long Islander and not promote the sport and preservation.You may just  change the world for one person. Isn't that enough?

I know you have the connections out there to make this more mainstream.

Catch "em Up


* Captain Eddie is a great guy and we have loyally fished with him over the years. he enjoys his passengers and most know him as if they are family. If you ever get out to Montauk to fish check in with Capt Eddie and tell him Michele and Jason said hello.

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