Friday, November 14, 2014

Driftwood Art

It has become apparent that I have a love for driftwood. Sometimes I can stand back from a piece and see it as if someone had created it by hand or had sculpted it from clay. It becomes mesmerizing to look at and imagine how it has taken form , what kind of path has it been on, where has it traveled and how did it get to this shore?
This is truly a conversation piece and in my world it is pure that I would eagerly visit at an art gallery exhibit titled Mother Nature a True Artist

This piece was found on Sunken Meadow Beach on the North Shore of Long Island ,New York.

                                      It's just a swim  across the Sound from Connecticut.

Decide to bring some driftwood art into your home and make a day of it by visiting beaches , walking and hunting and picnicking. There is almost no cost involved , you'll decorate your home, breathe fresh air, exercise and hopefully find a decorative treasure for your home.

                             I hope you have a great day and plan a driftwood hunt real soon.

                                                                 Michele Michael

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