Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nautical DIY Upcycled thrift store frame with decoupage matte

This is a very special creation for me. There is a mix of synchronicity and manifestation involved for me. You decide.
This spring I told my boyfriend to find me some old burlap so I could line my planters for planting. He has resources in the fishing industry and so I figured he might happen upon some for me.
The very next day he was walking on the beach and found some burlap washed up and brought it home to me.(Manifesting...that's how good I am.)
When I opened up the burlap, it had printed on it a little blue bird and it read "Jay Bird" . I called my boyfriend over to show him immediately. In his family he has been nicknamed Jay Bird for his little blond feathery hair as a child. Needless to say we were amazed.(Synchronicity)
I knew I wanted to make something special with it for months but never found the right size frame or didn't see how I could make it into a pillow etc.
I took it to our beach house knowing eventually the idea would come.
Browsing around Good Will I found this awesome frame for only $7.00. This was the beginning of the project.
I tinkered around a bit and after a few days this is my new love.

 I took the existing matte and decoupaged a collage of nautical and beach prints that I had found from my old book collection and from the ,an incredible place to find unique and beautiful printables .
After that I, spray painted a little color to the back using Krylon's Blue Ocean Breeze
                                                    and I used some mod podge matte finish


that I had picked up from JoAnn's stores to attach the burlap I had cleaned and pressed. 
To attach the burlap I simply centered the burlap in place and starting in one corner I applied the mod podge with a bristle brush to the underside of the burlap working from side to side from the bottom up. It dries quickly too , which for this project I enjoyed.Voila. Hanging in the guest room it's looking very hippie and very Coastal Bohemian.
Proof than anything can become coastal decor.And for only $7.00.

Have a beautiful day. I'm going shelling.


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