Thursday, June 29, 2023

Shabby Upcycled Quilt Flower Coasters -Thrifting Bohemian #Upcycle #Quilts #Fabricart #Thrifting

Let me show you how I used a king size quilted sham to make  shabby chic flower coasters for my home. 

This was a very satisfying project. One, because I thrifted the sham for only $1.00 at a thrift store, two, because these look so charming being used in the home  and three these are clearly one of a kind.

I drew, on cardboard, a basic flower shape in the size I wanted for these coasters. Then I cut out the shape to use as my template.

From there I traced my pattern onto the double thickness. (Yes, I used a pencil but these get washed to get a shabby edge, so it's perfectly fine.) Remember these need to be thick to withstand the heat.

Then cut and pin together to get ready for sewing.

I stitched a 5/8"seem edge around the entire flower leaving that edge raw for taking on some fray in the wash.

And washed and frayed looking perfectly shabby.

Thanks for popping in to read along.

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  1. Great re-use and it came out beautiful
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