Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Upcycled Doggie Treat Jar

Maybe you noticed we got a puppy a few months back.  Well, we have a large supply of doggie treats since we are always buying something new for our little Violet to taste. That means bags and bags of treats around.

So I decided to get things organized. I mean where can I put this pile of bags of treats? I needed a big plastic container to keep everything fresh and readily available, except that's not especially pretty. What about a cookie jar?

Sounds like a thrift store stop and as it turns out an upcycle. 

I found this very roomie cookie jar for $2.99 at my local thrift. 

I knew I was going to paint it to fit in with the d├ęcor. First I created a starfish from air dry clay and attached it to my piece using E6000 glue.
I used an IOD mold to create the starfish.
(This photo is from the Iron Orchids Website. Click the photo to be taken to their site where you can search for nearby stockists of their products.)

First the mold gets dusted with corn starch and then the clay is pressed inside. It easily releases when flipped upside down. 

You know me , I forgot to take a few pics but you can follow along here.
Now the starfish gets adhered and when it is dry, the entire piece gets a coat of chalk paint. I think this is Carolina Blue that I used here.

Now to give this a washed out, aged look a gave it a coat of white wax and a good buffing. White wax is made using a 2 to 1 mix of white chalk paint at one and Fiddes Clear Wax at 2. Use a big wax brush or even a chip brush to give a generous coat of wax . The grooves pick up the white wax very well and make it look like cement or a raw crockery. 

We keep this out on the buffet so we can easily grab a treat when puppy girl is being well behaved. 

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