Monday, November 22, 2021

Cookie Cutter Christmas Decor #Cookiecutter #Christmasdecor

Get ready, this is a 5 minute craft. Get your glue gun and a big Christmas themed cookie cutter , twine and a few pieces from your holiday picks. 

This is a really big cookie cutter. It's maybe 8" tall so in my opinion that made a difference, but that's not to say you couldn't make this using smaller cookie cutters. 
I have it hanging over my kitchen window, which is the perfect place for a cookie cutter decoration.

Tie on some twine to create a hanger.
Glue on a few simple little pieces from your picks. This doesn't need much, it could be as simple as a Christmas themed bow.
Arrange and glue. 

Joy to the world. 
At least, my little kitchen world. 

With Love and gratitude,


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  1. Such a pretty idea for a kitchen. Thanks for sharing your post on the link party each week. Happy New Year! #HomeMattersParty


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