Thursday, October 14, 2021

Upcycled File Cabinet #IODMolds #Chalkpaint

I am very excited about this upcycle as  I am not a big fan of the look of a file cabinet. We had this one and honestly it's probably going to be somewhere in the new house that people will see it. I do not have a dedicated office space but will probably set something up in the guest bedroom with our computer. In my mind, I wanted something that looked gentle and sweet and well, what's better than a few daisies? 
First , I gave this piece a quick coat of Crisp Collar Chalky Paint, that's our white. 
Next, there was a quick brush of some Elmer's Glue. Yes, the white school glue. I painted it on in a few spots here and there to add a little crackle. For more about adding crackle finishing check out Upcycled Buffet  , Faux Finished Frame  and this Squid Towel Holder.
Here, I added a coat of It's Jade, chalky paint , a soft almost Victorian pale green. Once the paint hits the Elmer's Glue it starts a chemical reaction and the paint, in those spots, starts to look gelatinous as the paint begins to separate. (It's worth a trial on a sample board)
Allow the paint to dry.
Now, I made a few clay embellishments using my #IOD mold.
(Photo from the IOD site)
and air dry paper clay by Creative Paper Clay. IOD sells a great paper clay as well.
To make the clay daisies, I dust the mold with some corn starch to keep it from sticking and then use the clay in the molds just like Playdoh.

These can be applied freshly cast, still damp and using super tacky glue.

I let this set up for about 1 hour and then painted over the clay pieces wit my Jade green chalky paint.

After everything was dry I grabbed a few colors of craft paint and dry brushed a bit of color onto the flowers and the leaves. I wanted the paint light here. 

I created some metal paint that I mixed using gold and silver craft paints with the addition of a few drops of black. I was trying to lessen the look of the harsh gold with the addition of a bit of silver and I was trying to lend an age to the color by adding the black. In the end it looks  like a bronze.

To apply the metallic paint I used a technique that I saw being used by Dionne Woods on Youtube
She wraps her brayer with Press and Seal . 

Then it gets run through some paint , blotted and run over the furniture creating a very textured look. 

A little sanding around the edges to create some distressing and a coat of clear wax. 
She is currently doing double duty as a side table while we wait for our furniture to be delivered. 
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