Monday, April 12, 2021

Garden Pavers/ Stepping Stones/ Door Stop Spring Crafts Challenge #DesignerPavers #floorsanddecor #Custompavers

Every month we have planned for you, an inspirational challenge that brings together several bloggers. With a common theme we create something and join together to share it with you. This month is our Spring Challenge. Joining me this month are....

Here's the story behind my creation. Shopping the garden center at Home Depot, I found these garden pavers. 

They had  the tumbled, old world look I love. I bought a few and decided I would find something to do with them. 
And then, I remembered this tile I saw in #FloorsandDecor.

I took photos because I wanted to recreate a similar design on a cement floor.

Here's what I did. First I sprayed the stone with water .

Next I used various pigment ink stamps to get some color onto the stone.
Of course I needed to spray some more water to get the color to swirl around the stone.

I even added a little gold to this one.

I loved making the edges come to life with the color.

Now that I have some color in the background , it's time for some stenciling.
I used a dry brush of white chalk paint for the design.
Looking good.
Now a little dry brush around the edge.
Aren't these looking sweet? I'm so excited. 

I decided to stencil on our name and the year of our marriage. I created my stencil with a Cricut.
I think these  would look funky as stepping stones.

They look good in the grass. Of course I staged these here because I currently live in a condo. If they were set into the grass, I think they would look more naturalized. 
What about a few of these in an apron? 
Or a few of these tucked into your patio or walkway?
You could use it as a door stop too. Either way it's a fun way to bring a little color to your outdoor living. I forgot to mention that these should be sealed using Kamar Vanish by Krylon

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  1. I'm blown away by your beautiful stepping stones and your imagination. Wow! They're so gorgeous!

  2. Gee, Michelle, what a fun way to make stepping stones! I love that you thought to make one with your date of marriage! How cool is that!

    1. Hi Gail. Yes it's fun. I can see a few of these tucked into a pathway.

  3. These turned out great, Michele! I love the blended paint look of them. I love finding something in a store and then putting my own spin on it, too. Also, congrats on your marriage!

    1. Thanks Beverly. Yes, "putting my own spin on it".

  4. Those are really lovely! Did you have to put anything on them to keep the ink from running in the rain? Pinned.

    1. Hi Joanne. Good question and in my haste to finish my post I left that out. I ordered Lamar spray in matte. I've used it for projects in the past and hoping it will do the job.

  5. These stones turned out great! They're gorgeous stepping stones. Congrats on your marriage!

  6. Thanks Tonna. I enjoyed making them and the stones only cost $2.59 each.

  7. How lovely! Thank you for showing the step by step directions. I have quite a few pavers and would love to give this a try! pinning and sharing on FB. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  8. Your artistic stones are beautiful! They look like they would have been hard to make, but your tutorial makes the color process look easy to replicate. Great project!


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