Thursday, January 21, 2021

Zoom Wedding, Simple Wedding Decor Ideas -#WeddingWeek #CoastalBohemianwedding #justmarried #wholefoods #simplysouthernstore

We got married.
 I said "I do!"
 As you would expect from a Coastal Bohemian, we planned a very simple beach ceremony. When I say that, I mean, me , Jason(my groom), a photographer and the wedding officiant. In the end, Jason's parents drove down and we had family and friends on a Zoom call.


The Zoom wedding was to take place on the beach but the wind was so intense that it was not possible.
Good thing I had gussied up the condo for wedding week.  
Here's what I did to make the condo feel festive. 
1. 20 yards of tulle @.95 per yard. Walmart
2. 6' magnolia swags $2.95 ea. at Old Time Pottery. On sale from $24.99 ea. Score!!!!!
3, Lanterns gathered from my supply. 
4. Small heart boxes from my stash -Garage sale $1
5. Electric candles, tea lights and fairy lights- Walmart and Old Time Pottery. 
6. Mr. and Mrs. Swag -Party City $8.00.
7. Fresh Flowers from Whole Foods $50.00. Btw... I walked away with a great deal of flowers for this price.
8. Mr. and Mrs. wooden d├ęcor, bride and groom cake topper (fisherman snagging his bride), Just Married swag Cake Topper, and a dozen roses -sent by my sister.
9. I Do Wreath- White roses and wreath frame -Dollar Tree. $10.00 total
10. Just Married Sign - Scrap wood and paint from my stash.
11. Vintage Framed Wedding Announcement- designed, printed  and framed- from my stash. 
12. White tablecloth
13. Doilies, faux rose petals, and bride and groom boxes from Dollar Tree- $3.00.
14. Wedding Bell (Blessing Bell), Just Married tea towel, Just Married Ornament - Southern Living store $60.00

1. I draped the entry to our hallway with tulle and a magnolia swag. Held up by a hidden tension rod.
2. Tied bows of tulle on dining chairs.
3.  I created a vignette on the entryway table.
4. I created a display with the marriage license.
5. Draped tulle and flowers around the ceiling fan. 
6. Tuck tulle into the top of the room divider.
7. Dressed up my Norfolk Pine -dangles, bows, tulle, fairy lights,        magnolia swag.
8. Dressed the dining table.

Now for the pics.
The base for the Just Married sign was a coat of white paint but what made it special was the addition of a coat of pearl paint. This is the same pearl paint I used in my bathroom makeover here.

Heart Box Luminaries

A dry brush of white and a swipe of glitter + tea lights.

White roses hot glued to wire frame, a little tulle and a heart sign.
Tulle and flowers drape the fan and the hallway.

Little bride and groom boxes placed all over the house, even the bathroom. The wedding bell.

Chantilly cake from Whole Foods with a cascade of roses and our cake toppers.
Leftover leaves from the greenery on the white roses used to make the wreath. I poked a skewer through the leaf and with a dot of hot glue, added a fat pearl. These were added to the bridal bouquet and vases of flowers. Sweet.
With the tea light hearts, lanterns and fairy lights about, the condo had a romantic look at night. It's wedding week!

My sister sent this pretty Chantilly cake at the beginning of the week and we used it as the wedding cake you see in the pictures.

I used this image from the to create the wedding announcement.

I was pleasantly surprised when my  cousin, who was on the Zoom call, piped in the wedding march and then he played Whitney Houston's You Give Good Love and asked for a first dance. We hadn't even thought about music or dancing it was such a simple wedding. 

We finally went outside to our beach, our place, the best place , for some wedding photos. This crafter did not forget the props.

Btw, I love this pic. It's typically what I look like on the beach, minus the dress...wild woman hair.

Thanks for stopping by for the wedding fun. 

With love and gratitude,


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  1. Very nice! I love the little car with the cans dragging along, too cute! Congrats to you both, it looks like a lovely day!

  2. Michelle,
    All the best to you!
    You looked amazing:) Thank you for sharing the details. Beautiful!
    xo Lisa S

  3. Many, many congrats, Michele! Beautiful!


  4. I stumbled on this post and I'm so glad I did. Made my day! Congrats to you both! It looks like you had the perfect wedding. Everything you needed right there! Thanks for sharing your special day!

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  6. Congratulations! Your wedding may have been simple but you filled it with creativity and personality so well. Glad everyone got to join in on Zoom and thanks for sharing your special day. #HomeMattersParty

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