Monday, January 4, 2021

Refrigerator Pedestal for Better Handicap Access #HandicapHack

My fiancé is disabled. He's had a neck surgery, back surgery, a retorn Achilles heal that is unrepairable etc. Many of the simple things I take for granted he struggles with, such as removing his socks , putting on his shoes, loading the dishwasher and reaching around and down into the refrigerator. He decided he was going to build a platform or a pedestal for our refrigerator so he could have better access to the bottom shelves and not have to bend over so much. Oh boy, has it made a difference and I love it too. I'm kind of short so we didn't add too much height or I would have needed a step stool to reach the freezer.
In all we lifted the refrigerator nearly 5". It doesn't seem like much but it makes a world of difference. 
It looks ok painted white but it's not especially good looking so we have ordered tools so we can do some finish  work with molding. Taking ideas for creating a finished look on this piece so please feel free to leave a comment below. 

3/4" Plywood - mostly  precut at Home Depot 
( Jason and I could not lift a full sheet of plywood)
4 x 4 Timber- 10' 
Skill Saw 
Impact Gun 
2" Deck Screws
We (he)created the base exactly the same size as the refrigerator. 

1.Cut two pieces of plywood to the dimensions of the refrigerator base. 
2. Cut 2 pieces of the timber lengths  to the size of the refrigerator side.
3. Attach those two wood timber cuts to each side of the plywood. 
4. Cut 4 x 4 timber to fit inside each of the attached timbers.
5. Add the second piece of plywood to enclose the box/pedestal. 
6. Sand the rough edges. 
7. Paint.



  1. This is a good idea. I also struggle with back issues, so we habe always opted for a bottom freezer model, thinking that freezer access is less frequent, so less bending for the fridge.

    1. Hi Michele. In our other place we had the bottom freezer for the same reason. This is our rental condo and the refrigerator came with the unit and it's in great shape so we did this. I agree every little bit less of bending helps.

  2. I like this idea. If you're still taking ideas for finishes, I think I'd opt for some sort of tile that would be easy to wipe clean.

    1. Hi Lydia I love the idea of tile. I think my fiance wants to do some finish work with molding but I love the tile idea!!!! Thanks for the suggestion.


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